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The contributions to this quantity are in response to chosen lectures from the 1st overseas workshop on decoherence, details, complexity and entropy (DICE). the purpose of this quantity is to mirror the turning out to be significance ot universal techniques at the back of possible diversified fields comparable to quantum mechanics, normal relativity and statistical physics in a sort available to nonspecialist researchers. Many presentations include unique effects that are released right here for the 1st time.

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1) eq Recalling that the same substance occupies both compartments, SI and SII and their derivatives will present the same functional dependence with respect to the state variables, in addition, these derivatives are identical in subsystems I and II because they are calculated at equilibrium. 2) wherein SU U = ∂2S ∂U 2 SU V = = V ∂2S ∂U ∂V ∂T −1 ∂U = V , V SV V = ∂T −1 ∂V = U ∂2S ∂V 2 ∂(pT −1 ) ∂V = U −1 ∂(pT ) ∂U . e. 4) whence d2 S = 1 SU U (dT −1 )2 + SV V − SU2 V SU U (dV )2 > 0. 5) becomes d2 S = −T 2 CV (dT −1 )2 − 1 (dV )2 ≤ 0.

There are many theories of biological ageing but these topics are outside the scope of the present book. It seems rather evident that ageing is related to the entropy production, or the amount of irreversibility, inside the metabolic processes, and that small entropy production should produce slow ageing. More considerations about the convergence of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and biology may be found in Chap. 4. 4 General Theory Our main objective is to present a macroscopic description of irreversible processes and our major task is to determine the evolution equations of the relevant local variables, in accordance with the fundamental laws of thermodynamics.

N) of the n constituents and the internal energy u(r , t). Step 2. 15) where J a is the flux term expressing the exchange with the surroundings and σ a is the corresponding source term; when this term is zero, a is conserved. 19) where the superscript T means transposition. 16), the flux term is simply the velocity and there is no source because of conservation of mass. 19), the fluxes are the diffusion flux J k of substance k, the heat flux q and the pressure tensor P, respectively; the corresponding sources are the 46 2 Classical Irreversible Thermodynamics rate of production σ k of substance k by chemical reactions, the mechanical work −PT : (∇v ) plus some possible energy source r per unit mass and the external body force F per unit mass.

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