Daughter of the Drow (Forgotten Realms: Starlight and by Elaine Cunningham PDF

By Elaine Cunningham

ISBN-10: 0786929294

ISBN-13: 9780786929290

Appealing as she is lethal, Liriel Baenre flits throught the shadows of Menzoberranzan, urban of the darkish elves. Amid treachery and homicide which are the drow's day-by-day fare, she feels anything calling to her ... whatever past this dusky international a long way faraway from the sunlight. but as she ventures towards the skin and the lands of sunshine, enemies pursue her unceasingly.

And one enemy might provide her the single desire of salvation.

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The Simbul also has bonus spells gifted to her by Mystra (as do all magically gifted Chosen) that she need not study. When cast, they return to her mind through Mystra’s grace by themselves 24 hours (144 turns) later. She needs no material components to cast these, and they do not count as part of her roster when she is memorizing spells. The Simbul’s bonus spells are feather fall, web, fly, polymorph other, hold monster, anti-magic shell, delayed blast fireball, prismatic wall, and the Simbul’s synostodweomer.

As well as setting folk at ease, she can brew concoctions that deaden pain and nausea, can bring on instant slumber, or can banish the need for sleep for a day or more, bringing a weary person to full alertness. When in the thrall of the Crown of Horns, Laeral experienced horrors (including evil behavior on her own part) that she had never dared to nor dreamed of partaking in before. As a result, she is 32 • Laeral Silverhand more familiar with evil ways and beings in the Realms than any of her Sisters.

There elves can settle in a new realm, and Alassra can then forget all the cruelties of Thay and set to work smashing the decadent Old Empires of Unther and Mulhorand, and reforming them into farming realms rather than dust-blown slave empires ruled by the crazed and the cruel. When the human-held surface lands are patchwork places of local powers and small grasp, she can set about encouraging settlements of halflings nearby, and dwarf and gnome settlements below, until those races recover the numbers, pride, and culture they enjoyed before being crushed beneath the ruthless numbers and ambitions of orcs and humans.

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