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By Dante Alighieri; Franke, William; Dante Alighieri

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In Dante and the
Sense of Transgression, William Franke combines literary-critical analysis
with philosophical and theological mirrored image to forged new mild on Dante's
poetic imaginative and prescient. Conversely, Dante's medieval masterpiece turns into our guide
to rethinking probably the most urgent problems with modern conception.
Beyond suggestive
archetypes like Adam and Ulysses that trace at an obsession with transgression
beneath Dante's overt suppression of it, there's one other and a previous feel in
which transgression emerges as Dante's crucial and supreme gesture.
His paintings as a poet culminates within the Paradiso in a
transcendence of language in the direction of a in basic terms ineffable, mystical experience
beyond verbal expression. but Dante conveys this adventure, nevertheless,
in and during language and in particular throughout the transgression of language,
violating its commonly representational and referential features. Paradiso's
dramatic sky-scapes and remarkable textual performances level a
deconstruction of the signal that's analyzed philosophically within the mild of
Blanchot, Levinas, Derrida, Barthes, and Bataille, as transgressing and
transfiguring the very experience of sense.

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The immanence to language of Dante’s experience of Paradise has been fairly well recognized. 6 Treating it, furthermore, explicitly as a modality of transgression, James Miller emphasizes the paradox that Dante’s penchant for ineffability 38 Dante and the Sense of Transgression is an enabling condition of his rhetorical abundance. The fullness of speech is the expression of an impasse to proper language and to adequate expression: ‘His fallback to speechless wonder is playfully ironic: what the ineffability topos is meant to signal here is, as usual, the very opposite of what it literally means.

This is where especially Blanchot’s thought on the limit-experience of literature can assist us. At the Limits of Language or Reading Dante through Blanchot 33 My goal here is not to furnish a historical understanding of Dante’s idea of language and the sources from which his concepts derive, but rather to pursue the speculative challenge represented by Dante’s vision. Especially in the Paradiso, Dante is dealing with fascinating virtual and liminal aspects of language that have been approached similarly and differently by modern and contemporary thinkers and writers.

Yet God is present here in the divine meaning that emerges from what otherwise appears to be chaos. 100), and the innumerable randomly emitted sparks (surgono innumerevoli faville, 101) miraculously form into the head and neck of an eagle – the emblem of Empire through which justice is to be providentially established on earth. Only such apparent chaos can reveal a mystical meaning beyond the grasp of human reason: any rationally intelligible principle would fall short of the transcendent sense that Dante envisages in the Paradiso.

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Dante and the sense of transgression : the trespass of the sign by Dante Alighieri; Franke, William; Dante Alighieri

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