Dangerous Games (Forgotten Realms: Netheril Trilogy, Book by Clayton Emery PDF

By Clayton Emery

ISBN-10: 0786905247

ISBN-13: 9780786905249

Mages' Games

Netheril, empire of magic, the place wizards wield energy a ways past the ken of mortal men.

Netheril, the place citadels waft, magic runs wild, and mages dabble in video games higher left for the gods.

Netheril, a spot of risky video games the place the barbarian Sunbright Steelshanks quickly reveals himself an unwilling pawn in a deadly fit of wits, wiles, and powers.

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After the destruction of three Sacred Ones in the debacle surrounding the Sembian Cult cell’s efforts to acquire spellfire, Aurgloroasa has emerged as the preeminent dracolich in the Merchant Kingdom. At her instigation, the Wearers of the Purple have begun an extensive campaign to cultivate new candidates among the younger evil dragons of the region. Aurgloroasa, of course, has ensured that the list of candidates consists primarily of dragons she has already bound to her will through magic and obligations.

If the Cult has a presence anywhere nearby, the adventurers are soon invited to a gambling house or to a less formal friendly game of chance sponsored by Cult fronts. Brigandry: The final type of activity that most Cult cells engage in at some time is that of outright violence. Some Cult cells are better than others at the nonviolent means of collecting revenue discussed above. When those methods fail, or at times when the cell’s leadership decides that direct action is expedient, large-scale violence ensues.

Although some yuan-ti have been attracted to the idea of reptilian dragons coming into power across Faerûn, most of the Cult of the Dragon members are mammals. Since the rulers of Hlondeth are yuan-ti, a certain antimammal bias exists in the city’s bureaucracy. Also, most warm-blooded criminals caught in the city (who do not have some prearranged release agreement with the guards) are not seen again—ample reason for the Cult to tread lightly. Leaders: The current leader of the Cult cell in Hlondeth is no less than the son of the city’s ruler.

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