J. Paul LaFountain's Crystal Spheres (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer) PDF

By J. Paul LaFountain

ISBN-10: 0880388781

ISBN-13: 9780880388788

The social gathering travels via 4 targeted crystal spheres to conflict a robust strength of darkness. they're going to locate themselves battling not only for his or her lives, however the destiny of a whole sun approach and its thousands of population.

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Entry room: Although Castle Skyview does not have conventional castle defenses, the entry is carefully watched by guardsmen. The door that leads into the castle is normally locked during nighttime hours. 2. Guardroom: This is an area where on-duty guards can meet for training and lectures. If times of trouble arise, reinforcements for guards in battle meet here. 3. Arsenal: Weapons for the castle guards and for hunting are kept here. 4. Security room: This is the central office for castle security.

Gerion saw his opportunity a s this happened, and using his vast wealth and resources, took the seat a s governor of the planet. His plans might have blossomed and his dark rule might have become solid but for the actions of Shurius Shambrath who, being a man of action, immediately set upon Gerion Firebrand. Shurius took his seat in what became l TU (Time of Unity). lt is now 852 TU and House Shambrath has ruled Thesalys (and eventually Greatspace) effectively, and until recently, it seemed a s if this rule would continue indefinitely.

20. VIP guest quarters: T h e s e rooms, if not needed by members of the Shambrath family, are used a s quarters for important guests. Room A is a bedroom. Room B is a washroom. Room C is storage. 2 1. Great room: If a need exists for a gathering of the entire court or large public meetings, the Great Room is used. But it is primarily used a s a n observatory. The ceiling is dominated by a huge, 100-foot glass dome. S o m e excellent telescopic equipment is kept here and astronomers from all around Greatspace journey to Castle Skyview t o use this equipment and experience t h e breath-taking view.

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