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For example, it is possible to become more systematic, more logical, more thorough, and more investigative. As a result, such features as ambiguity, emotion, and absurdity, whose meanings literature have long valued as its objects of enquiry, have become a shadowy existence, although we are well aware that we cannot do without them. They are no longer allowed to be as they have been, but have become the object of logical scrutiny. We are now able to obtain and store an enormous amount of information and materials in an instant, which we could never imagine only a few decades ago.

58 Some of his information on their products is reflected in the catalogue. A brief look at a list of wares from the printing house of John Wolfe reveals that there was a good market for books about the real face of Italy. 60 Wolfe also published toward the end of his career The Ceremonies, Solemnities, and Prayers, an account of the opening of the gates of four Catholic Churches in Rome, together with the Bull by Clement VIII (§281), which suggests that he was not simply a devout Protestant printer, but also a tactful entrepreneur.

2. Reason for inclusion or information about the Italian original. 3. The name(s) of the dedicatee(s) and contributor(s) of commendatory verses. 4. The information on later editions is given. Issues have no independent mention with a few exceptions in the present catalogue, but are considered together with the editions. Although an entry number is given normally only to the first edition of a work, if it was published during the Elizabethan period, the publication details of all the subsequent Elizabethan editions are supplied.

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