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By Rosemary Jones

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Deception! Betrayal! an ideal partnership! within the end to this four-part novella, Rucas Sarfael uncovers the twisted plots that introduced him to the town of Neverwinter and discovers a plot at the lifetime of its lord.

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Later, the heroes might spot dabus painting over the message and repairing the door frame. The Second Door was once a normal portal in the catacombs beneath Aoskar’s Temple, but when the holy place became the Shattered Temple, it was trapped under tons of rubble. During the first blink cycle, however, the foundation of the temple cracked open, and access was once again granted to the Second Door. Today, the portal can only be entered through the deep crack. Those carrying the proper gate key (or leaping right behind a key holder) fall not to their deaths upon the sharp, jagged rocks below, but to Pandemonium, in the layer of Agathion.

If the heroes intercede, they can get to the fanatics before the portal is badly damaged. Each fanatic has a weapon, and they fight until two of their number go down. The other two then split up and start running. At any point, the fanatic with the sack might drop (or hand out) a leaflet proclaiming the doctrine of the Society of the Locked Door. ) Statistics for these fanatics are given in “Encounter: Blade and Leaflet” in the previous chapter. SLIPPING THE BLINDS: If the heroes don’t get involved, a group of dabus arrives to stop the fanatics before they cause too much damage.

The air in this cavity is replaced, but it’s a slow process. Magical light sources aren’t affected. Infravision doesn’t work well because the stone walls absorb all heat. 4 GRAVITY:It’s oriented toward whatever surface a body’s closest to - floor, wall, or ceiling. Cutters who aren’t used to omni-directional gravity receive an additional penalty of -2 to attack and damage rolls until they grow accustomed to its effects. At the start of each encounter, heroes make saving throws vs. paralyzation to determine if they’ve gotten used to the strange gravity.

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