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By Cheryl Benard

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Islam's personal inner struggles make it tricky for outsiders to appreciate the actors and the problems. the writer sheds gentle on those concerns and indicates methods for the foreign neighborhood to manage.

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In illustration, the author cites as legitimate the discussion over whether the Quran, when it instructs believers to wash before prayer and says that they should “wash your feet to the ankles,” meant that “the ankles were included” or not. In Western terminology, an “open mind” is a positive thing; in this article, it is the epitome of what should be avoided. THE TRADITIONALISTS The traditionalists at first glance have several features that make them seem attractive as potential partners: • They are a useful counterweight to the fundamentalists, because they enjoy widespread public legitimacy in the eyes of Muslim populations.

Not only must there be four witnesses to the actual act of adultery, the guilty parties must also confess. This refers to two somewhat odd hadiths in which the Prophet is related to have been approached voluntarily by adulterers, to have urged them to rescind their confessions, but in the face of their refusal, to have reluctantly been obliged to order their deaths. Qaradawi claims that these are the only two incidents in history when adultery was punished by death. This is a peculiar claim, as it happened repeatedly in Taliban Afghanistan and has been practiced in Iran since the Islamic Republic was instituted.

Releasing the lands of the Muslims from the control of their enemies . . The final stage is that of fighting in order to open the path for establishing Allah’s rule in the land of the unbelievers. Similarly, Hizb-ut-Tahrir describes itself as “a political party whose ideology is Islam, so politics is its work and Islam is its ideology . . to restore the Khilafah [the Caliphate]” As concerns governance, “the constitution and canons must be Islamic,” and it cannot be republican. The republican system is based on the democratic system, which is a system of Kufr (disbelief) .

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