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By Bruce R. Cordell

ISBN-10: 0786951842

ISBN-13: 9780786951840

Lovecraftian horror from award-winning Forgotten Realms® game dressmaker Bruce R. Cordell.

Raidon Kane travels to the subterranean citadel of the somnambulant aboleths, bent on killing the Eldest in its sleep. yet he isn’t the single one sure for the hidden urban. A warlock, an arch fey, a pirate, and a excessive priestess of the Abolethic Sovereignty all have designs in their personal at the Eldest–if they don’t kill one another first.

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The arm and part of his tail have been carefully wrapped in a crude bandage of white vines and fibers. The gold dragon sees Terrilyn and smiles. “Terrilyn,” he says gently. “It is good to see you again. Your mission, I take it, was successful. ” Aric (ancient gold dragon): AC -2; MV 12, Fl 30; HD 10; hp 80; THAC0 11; #AT 3; Dmg 1d8/6d6/1d8; SA breath weapon (fire in a 90 yard x 30 yard cone or chlorine gas in a 50 yard x 40 yard x 30 yard cloud), polymorph three times per day, spells; AL LG; Spells: detect good, magic missile, invisibility, speak with animals, fireball, lightning bolt, fire shield, ice storm, cone of cold, passwall, part water, anti-magic shell A majestic 50-foot-long dragon, Aric is guarding the passageway from intruders.

The same gray dust fills the river, but only to a depth of a few feet. D. Granite Hills. Hills of solid black granite densely line the shore of the sea and fill most of the rest of the area. The hills average about 50-100 yards high. Characters can tra- 28 verse the hills at half their normal movement rate. E. Dust Pits. These 50-foot-diameter pits are surrounded by mounds of the same gray dust that fills the sea. The mounds extend about 100 feet around each pit and are only a few feet deep; walking through them is like wading through snow.

Eye of the Storm. The winds are even stronger inside this boundary, inflicting more severe penalties to missile fire (-4 at point blank range, -6 at short range, and medium and long ranges are impossible), melee combat (-4 to both attack rolls and damage rolls), and movement (reduced to ½ of the normal rate). No sounds can be heard above the raging winds. Additionally, each PC has a 50% chance per round of being struck by blown debris as if attacked by a 5-HD monster; each successful hit inflicts 1d4 points of damage.

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