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By J. C. Simpson

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Content material:
Chapter I normal advent to Cinnoline Derivatives. instruction and homes of Cinnoline (pages 1–5):
Chapter II 4?Aryl?, 4?Acyl?, and 4?Carboxy?Cinnolines (pages 6–12):
Chapter III 4?Methylcinnolines (pages 13–15):
Chapter IV 4?Hydroxycinnolines (pages 16–28):
Chapter V 4?Chloro?, 4?Alkoxy?, and 4?Phenoxycinnolines (pages 29–34):
Chapter VI 4?Aminocinnolines (pages 35–38):
Chapter VII Cinnoline Quaternary Salts (pages 39–45):
Chapter VIII decreased Cinnolines (pages 46–51):
Chapter IX Cinnolines Containing extra Fused jewelry (pages 52–65):
Chapter X Phthalazines Unsubstituted within the Hetero Ring (pages 67–71):
Chapter XI 1?Alkyl?, 1?Aryl?, and 1,4?Diarylphthalazines (pages 72–77):
Chapter XII 1?Hydroxyphthalazines (pages 78–83):
Chapter XIII Alkyl, Aryl, and Acyl Derivatives of 4?(1?)Hydroxyphthalazines (pages 84–105):
Chapter XIV 1?Hydroxy?3?Aryl?3,4?Dihydrophthalazine?4?Acetic Acids (pages 106–118):
Chapter XV 3?Aryl?1?Ketophthalazines (pages 119–129):
Chapter XVI Methylated Derivatives of 3?Aryl?1?Ketophthalazines (pages 130–139):
Chapter XVII 1,4?Dihydroxyphthalazines (pages 140–156):
Chapter XVIII Monoalkyl and Monoacyl Derivatives of 1,4?Dihydroxyphthalazines (pages 157–167):
Chapter XIX Dialkyl and Diacyl Derivatives of 1,4?Dihydroxyphthalazines (pages 168–177):
Chapter XX 1?Halogeno? and 1,4?Dihalogenophathalazines (pages 178–182):
Chapter XXI 1?Aminophthalazines (pages 183–185):
Chapter XXII decreased Phthalazines (pages 186–190):
Chapter XXIII Condensed Phthalazines and Azaphthalazines (pages 191–200):
Chapter XXIV education of Quinoxalines from basic fragrant O?Diamines and 1,2?Dicarbonyl Compounds (pages 201–227):
Chapter XXV Quinoxalines Unsubstituted within the Hetero Ring (pages 228–231):
Chapter XXVI Quinoxaline N?Oxides (pages 232–234):
Chapter XXVII 2?Hydroxy? and 2,3?Dihydroxyquinoxalines (pages 235–245):
Chapter XXVIII Quinoxaline?2?Aldehydes (pages 246–249):
Chapter XXIX Quinoxaline?2?Carboxylic and ?2,3?Dicarboxylic Acids (pages 250–257):
Chapter XXX 2?Chloro? and 2,3?Dichloroquinoxalines (pages 258–262):
Chapter XXXI 2?Amino? and 2,3?Diaminoquinoxalines (pages 263–269):
Chapter XXXII 2?Alkoxy?, 2,3?Dialkoxy?, and 2,3?Diaryloxyquinoxalines (pages 270–272):
Chapter XXXIII 2?Methyl? and 2,3?Dimethylquinoxalines (pages 273–285):
Chapter XXXIV Quinoxaline Quaternary Salts (pages 286–292):
Chapter XXXV Formation of Quinoxalines from Compounds Containing a Furan Ring (pages 293–299):
Chapter XXXVI 2?Polyhydroxyalkaylquinoxalines (pages 300–309):
Chapter XXXVII diminished Quinoxalines (pages 310–331):
Chapter XXXVIII Condensed Quinoxalines (pages 332–355):
Chapter XXXIX Azaquinoxalines (pages 356–357):

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Table ~ 1'-1 lists the known 4-chlorocinnolines; many of these compounds have not been analyzed owing to their reactivity (see below), but in such cases they have been characterized by the preparation of the corresponding 4-phenoxy- or 4-anilinocinnolines. B. Properties. 4ChlorocinnoIines are characterized as a group by their extreme reactivity; 4-chloroquinoline, which is commonly re garded as a classical iIIustration of a heterocyclic compound with a reactive chlorine atom, is a very stable compound when compared with most 4-chlorocinnolines.

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