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Characters' names, talents, own assets, and extra may be recorded on those new sheets. Now formatted in actual fact for extra spontaneous role-playing enjoyable. Illustrated.

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Striker: A striker deals a lot of damage to one target at a time. Strikers are highly mobile, with the ability to set up spectacular attacks and get away before they can take too much punishment in return. The rogue fills the role of striker. 29 30 Part I: D&D Crash Course Choosing Your Character The earlier sections in this chapter cover the basics. After you have a handle on the basic stuff, select your own character from those presented over the next four chapters. There’s no right or wrong way to choose a character.

It’s uplifting, inspirational, and thought provoking. And it’s fun, too! You sit in the same room with other people, socialize, and create amazingly deep fantasy worlds in which good battles evil on a regular basis — and good usually wins out in the end. What could be better than that? Imagine that in this ancient time magic really works, and that humans aren’t the only intelligent species roaming the land. D&D lets you explore this imaginary world. With the game, some willing friends, and your imagination, you strike out on epic quests set in this longago place that never existed but is as familiar as your own recollections.

Level and XP Level is a description of your character’s relative degree of power. A 10thlevel character, for example, is more powerful and able to take on tougher challenges than a 5th-level character. With each new level your character attains, he or she becomes more powerful and capable. Your character begins play at 1st level. Experience points (XP) are the numerical measure of your character’s personal achievements. Your character earns experience points by defeating opponents and overcoming challenges.

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