William G. Tedford's Caterpillar - A Horror Story PDF

By William G. Tedford

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She murmured. She opened her eyes and stared straight ahead, unblinking. He saw her pupils dilate evenly, assurance that she hadn’t sustained serious head injury. He leaned closer. ” “Get it away from me,” she murmured. Her words were slurred, renewing his concern that she had been struck by falling debris. e glanced about the room, evaluating its structural integrity, then rose to his feet to search more thoroughly for the fire Caitlin had reported. He walked the circumference of the four ground floor rooms without encountering the telltale odor of smoke.

Doc sat at the desk in his small den, clutching an empty glass with an unopened bottle parked nearby. The old man had been an alcoholic at one time. By his own decree, alcohol was forbidden to him. ” Doc looked up and focused on him. “My son. I think I’m having a bad dream. ” Rex took the glass from his hand and set it aside. ” “I had that figured out years ago, young man. ” Doc expression was haunted. “How could I not have seen? ” Doc chuckled grimly. “I quite imagine that half my patients have died of heart failure.

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