Bords. Mathematiciens, precurseurs, encyclopedistes - download pdf or read online

By Raymond Queneau

ISBN-10: 270565402X

ISBN-13: 9782705654023

ISBN-10: 2705668578

ISBN-13: 9782705668570

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S. R. N. CHAMFORT: Maximes et Pensies (French) Panta rhei GREEK EXPRESSION Everything is in a state of flux. Sempre una mutazione lascia l'addentellato per Io edificazione dell' altra. NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI: The Prince (Italian) One change always leaves the way open for the introduction of others. It is a great pity to lose, by our character, the rights that our talents give us in society. lch bin nun wie ich bin; So nimm mich nur hin! J. w. VON GOETHE: Liebhaber in allen Gestalten (German) I am what I am, so take me as I am!

Nieman kan mit gerten Kindes zuht beherten: Den man zeren bringen mac, Dem ist ein wort als ein slac. W ALTHERVONDER VOGELWEIDE: Nieman kan mit Gerten {German) No-one can make a child behave well with a switch. If the child is capable of being trained, a word will mean as much to him as a blow. Al-qird fi 'ayn umm-uh ghazal ARAB PROVERB A child is the apple of its mother's eyes (lit. the ape, in its mother's eyes, is a gazelle). I;! ajar ARAB PROVERB I love my son, but he is indifferent to me (lit.

BETRAYAL see also Friendship, Murder. Ovem lupo commisisti. TERENCE: BENEnTSANDBENEFACTORS see also Gratitude, Kindness. Eunuchus (Latin) You have thrown the sheep to the wolf. E' benefizii si debbono fare a poco a poco, accio che si assaporino meglio. NICCOLOMACHIAVELLI: The Prince (Italian) Benefits should be granted litde by litde, so that they may be the better enjoyed. La natura delli uomini e cosi obbligarsi per li benefizii che si fanno come per quelli che si recevano. NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI: Persuasae fallere rima sat est.

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