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By Aaron Loeb, Brian Despain

ISBN-10: 0971438064

ISBN-13: 9780971438064

The publication of the Righteous provides the main complete pantheon ever noticeable within the d20 method. this large, 320-page hardback offers greater than 20 pick-up-and-play church buildings similar to gods that function in such a lot delusion campaigns (god of conflict, god of justice, etc.). every one church beneficial properties lavish aspect, together with in-depth info on its clerics, holy orders, dogma, prayers, and rituals. those church buildings can be utilized in any crusade to deliver an entire new point of aspect to the spiritual characters. Plus, if you shouldn't have a whole cosmology of their online game, The booklet of the Righteous offers a finished mythology that unifies all the gods within the ebook. That mythology, and its corresponding cosmology, isn't tied to an current crusade environment, making it as moveable and worthwhile as eco-friendly Ronin's seriously acclaimed Freeport sequence. The booklet of the Righteous additionally contains a new center category, the holy warrior, and new status periods, feats, spells, domain names, magic goods, and artifacts. 3rd in eco-friendly Ronin's Arcana sequence, The ebook of the Righteous is a divine sourcebook like no different.

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This layer is a bitterly cold place of miles-deep ice and snow, inhabited primarily by frost giants and Abyssal giants under the dominion of their demon prince, Kostchtchie. The Glacier Citadel, a fortress carved into the ice between two towering peaks, serves as home to the prince and his frost giant mages. The entire layer is severely cold during daylight hours and extremely cold after nightfall. To be considered protected from the weather, characters must have appropriate gear as described below.

Indd 42 2/13/07 9:32:50 AM The snow depth of the area of the Iron Wastes near the Yggdrasil portal is between 25 and 36 inches. Small and Medium creatures have major snow-impeded movement, while Large and larger creatures have minor snow-impeded movement. In other words, giants move more quickly here than most PCs. The chance of the PCs getting lost in a snow field depends on the result of a DC 15 Survival check. This check typically occurs when wind obscures tracks and snowbanks shift, confusing directions.

Security is even tighter here than elsewhere, and infractions against the library rules are treated just as harshly. Goldfeather checks in at intervals when strangers are given access to the Extradimensional Reading Room for the first time to make sure that nothing untoward happens. The place is a gold mine, and he refuses to see it harmed. Insert for page 11: LESHAWN SONJ This NPC is meant to be a friend and an ally to the PCs. She’s intense and driven, solemn and not prone to joking. However, she’s also trustworthy, honest, and sincere.

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