Steven E. Schend's Blackstaff Tower (Forgotten Realms: Ed Greenwood Presents PDF

By Steven E. Schend

ISBN-10: 0786956135

ISBN-13: 9780786956135

A decision for Heroes!

a tender crew of acquaintances stumble throughout a terrifying conspiracy that holds the inheritor to the Blackstaff, the defender of the town of Waterdeep, in poor chance. those acquaintances needs to seek deep inside of themselves to turn into the heroes their urban must store its champion from those that may see either introduced low.

Ed Greenwood, loved writer and writer of the Forgotten Realms, offers the 1st publication in a brand-new sequence devoted to showcasing either town of Splendors and our so much gifted up-and-coming authors. a chain of stand-alone adventurers, this ebook and the sequence to which it belongs have been written in particular for these readers without past wisdom of the Forgotten Realms, making it a good access element for brand new readers.

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From the surface, the tomb in the hill can only be entered by wandering about until one finds the precise location of one of several invisible portals—snatch gates that whisk any person or object entering them into the heart of the hill. Egress is by the same method, although the exit spots inside the tomb are apparently different sites than the entry or arrival locales, and hard to find. Attempts to tunnel into the hill uncover stone walls that emit bolts of lightning16 when exposed to air— bolts that continue to lash out until earth is thrown onto them, and they’re covered again!

Wagons and harness are the top-priced items. Waychests and good gear that farmers can use, such as rope, spikes, and plows, are in the mid-price range. Buckles, daggers, and the like are at the low end. It’s a useful place to poke about in, though nothing beside Torleth’s Treasures in Gillian’s Hill (also covered elsewhere in this guide). ) troll’s nose mounted on its signboard. From time to time, local wags hang lamps or “borrowed” undergarments on it. Unfortunately, it’s the only exciting thing about the inn.

The dukes of Daggerford claim direct descent from Tyndal, and their arms display a bloody silver dagger on a deep blue field. The dukes of Daggerford claim all the lands from the estate of Floshin, south as far as the Dragonspear fields (the lands of Dragonspear Castle), east to the edge of the Misty Forest, and west to the verges of Lizard Marsh and the coast. They actually control far less—from about a halfday’s ride north of Daggerford, where their forces meet up with road patrols from Waterdeep at a little pond called Waypost Water, east to the hills around the Laughing Hollow, and south to the hamlet of Bowshot.

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