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By Douglas Niles

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During this, the sequel to "Darkwalker on Moonshae", the Moonshae isles are less than the specter of sinister forces. A council of darkish sorcerers has usurped the excessive King. The druid Robyn and the Prince Tristan needs to subscribe to forces with the Goddess for a showdown with the scary black wizards.

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Nothing would ever be the same. Cadderly's gray eyes were no longer so quick to turn up in that boyish, full-faced smile. Determinedly this time, the young scholar poked the quill into the ink and smoothed the parchment before him. Entry Number Seventeen by Cadderly of Carradoon Appointed Scholar, Order of Deneir Fourth Day of Eleasias, 1361 (Year of the Maidens) It has been five weeks since Barjin's defeat, yet I see his dead eyes. Cadderly stopped and scribbled out the thought, both from the parchment and from his mind.

They stayed with their carefully designed plan and executed it to perfection. They met pockets of resistance in the west, but the broken ground worked in their favor against the slower, less agile monsters, especially since the elves could shoot their bows with deadly accuracy, even on the run. Every group of monsters was overwhelmed and the elves continued on their way without taking another loss. The eastern sky had become pink with the budding dawn before they regrouped and found some rest. Shayleigh had seen no more fighting during the night, fortunately, for her head ached so badly that she could not even keep her bearings without Tintagel's aid.

Take Druzil along with you," Aballister said as she turned back around. "With the imp beside you, you and I can communicate from time to time. " Suspicions concerning Druzil's role in Barjin's death hovered about Dorigen's thoughts, and she did not doubt for a moment that Aballister was sending the imp along to watch over her as much as Ragnor. But how could she argue? The hierarchy at Castle Trinity was specific, and Aballister ruled the wizard's leg of the triumvirate. "A wise decision," she said.

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