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By Mark C. MacKinnon

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Encouraged through the dynamic settings and tales present in a variety of anime exhibits, BESM d20 permits gamers to create characters from any style or sub-genre. Comedy or horror, fable or science-fiction, mecha motion or passionate romance...if you could think it, you could play it. BESM d20 additionally contains: new personality periods (including magical lady, mecha pilot, puppy monster coach, and a dozen more), new talents, new feats, an exhaustive point-based characteristic checklist, and an in depth price task for the middle 3.5 variation fable races and periods.

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Using the Point costs from Table 5-19, Wizards have a base of 91 Points assigned to spellcasting. 00, to give a final Character Point total of 91 for spellcasting. Similarly, Clerics have a base of 110 Points assigned to spellcasting. 62 (a Cleric’s multiplication factor) to give a final Character Points total of 68 for spellcasting. Although Sorcerers have the same potential spell access as Wizards, and thus could have the same multiplication factor of 1, Sorcerers have two aspects that set them apart from Wizards.

This Rank allows a character to undergo cosmetic changes that confer no additional abilities on the target. This includes: a 10% size increase or decrease, change of gender, 50% age increase or decrease, colour changes (eye, skin, or hair), and minor physical changes (shape of ears, facial features, or bodily proportions). d20 MONSTERS If using other d20 source material containing monster write-ups, GMs may simply allow characters to adopt the form and abilities of a given monster using its Challenge Rating as a measure of its Character Point cost.

The minimum Point cost of Armour, regardless of options, is 1 Character Point. PARTIAL The Armour has a small thin area (half Armour value, -1 to Point cost) or an unarmoured area (no Armour value, -2 to Point cost) that can be targeted using a Called Shot (see page 116). Point cost reductions apply to the total cost of Armour, not the cost per Rank. OPTIMISED ARMOUR The Armour is focused against a particular uncommon attack form. Eligible attack forms include electricity, cold, laser beams, fire/heat, energy blasts, etc.

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