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By Tom Rockmore

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This sincerely written and obtainable paintings offers a philosopher's reaction to the sequence of occasions referred to as "9/11" and the worldwide tradition within the usa 'and worldwide society' that undefined. It presents a complete research of the rising post-9/11 tradition, situating it in a huge context that incorporates politics, non secular discourse, fiscal concept, and philosophical orientation. sooner than and After 11th of September reconstructs the occasions that resulted in and departed from the assaults on September eleven, 2001. It criticizes the makes an attempt to give an explanation for 11th of September through George W. Bush, his administration's neo-conservatives, Samuel Huntington, and Bernard Lewis. It additionally can pay specific consciousness to the significance of the commercial measurement within the emergence of conflicts in an age of globalization. the purpose is to supply a philosophical evaluate of September 11, understood as a sequence of attached occasions inside of an ongoing old context. This designated paintings will entice somebody trying to comprehend the present global, together with the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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2002, p. 9. CHAPTER THREE Lewis’s Historical Account of Religious Difference Un ive rsi ty o fS tirl ing It is but a short step from Huntington’s “official” view that 9/11 is explicable through a clash of civilizations to the further view that it is explicable through a clash of religions. This claim is an ad hoc thesis, invented specifically for the purpose of explaining 9/11 after it occurred. According to this thesis, 9/11 can be understood as a clash between two religions: Islam, which is ill-suited to the modern world, and Christianity, which is very much up to date.

It would be interesting to see how he could defend his claim that the free market system is best for the majority in view of the great recession to which it led and from which only the privileged few profited. Fukuyama’s position is contradictory. He favors a free market economy, as free as possible, as being best suited, against all possible rivals, to liberal democracy. Yet he also favors mutual recognition over an analysis of the human being as homo economicus. Fukuyama, who thinks that the best way we can help others is to forget about them and go about our business, seems to believe that enlightened self-interest coupled with benign neglect is about the best thing I can do for my fellow human beings.

What contemporary neoconservatives have in mind can be described as a go-it-alone policy based on military superiority, dedication to US alliances, and missile defense. This view is articulated by a number of figures, earlier by Fukuyama before he became a critic of the Iraq War he never supported, and later and more consistently by Robert Kagan, one of the cofounders of the PNAC. 26 According to Kagan, the US has always defended a liberal progressive society, which has long been adopted by the world as its ideal, though not always with regard to such Westphalian “niceties” as respect for national sovereignty and noninterference.

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