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By Paul O. P. Ts'o

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Many studies of subcritical heating have been made [352]. The process in DNA is considered to depend on loss of purine bases, guanine rather faster than adenine, and as a consequence, chain scission. Both can be measured [352355]. In circular single-stranded X174 DNA the rate of depurination and of inactivation are similar and are considered to be distinguishable from the subsequent scission step [356,357]. Poly dAT undergoes slow chain scission (~pH 4) which is associated with loss of adenine and appearance of terminal 3/-phosphate residues [358].

Dicarbonyl Compounds The antiviral activity of ß-ethoxy-a-ketobutyraldehyde (Kethoxal) (108) inspired the investigation [153] of its action and that of glyoxal and of related compounds on the nucleic acid bases. Of the compounds studied 1. Reactions of Polynucleotides and Nucleic Acids 27 those that inactivated tobacco mosaic virus RNA also reacted rapidly with guanine, but not with the other base residues. These α-dicarbonyl compounds, therefore, show a satisfying degree of specificity. With Kethoxal a product could also be obtained from 7V2-methylguanine and from isocytosine but not from 1-methylguanine, indicating that the 1- and N 2 -positions were in­ volved in the reaction.

NBS has been used for selective bromination of yeast tRNA Ala [231], while bromine itself has been used with tRNA in DMF solution [229], and with poly C [232]. Iodination is not nearly so readily effected. Iodine in potassium iodide solution is ineffective at 37°C. IC1 in DMF, has been investigated and the order of reactivity U > C » G found [228]. JV-Iodosuccinimide is rapidly destroyed by water but it does iodinate uracil and cytosine residues in TMV-RNA, the latter more rapidly [226]. A recently investigated system is iodide in presence of the oxidizing agent thallic trichloride in water.

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