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By Herb Moore

ISBN-10: 0471095931

ISBN-13: 9780471095934

Booklet by way of Moore, Herb, reduce, Judy, Albrecht, Bob

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2. 3. Draw two separate triangles on the screen in grap hics mode 6. Draw the last figure in this chapter but make each line a different color. Draw "Please Note" on the screen. CHAPTER THREE A Graphics Program DIRECT COMMANDS vs PROGRAMS The instructions you've been giving the computer are called direct commands. " The computer do esn't remember direct commands, so if you want it to do the same thing again, you have to type the instruction again. Frequently, you will want to give the machine an instruction it can remember and use later.

These differenc es dep end upon some other commands which yo u hav e not yet learned. In Chapter 7 you w ill learn about the SETCOLOR command which enab les you to create a variety of co lors for the figure, the background screen , and the text w indow. Self-Test 1. What does the PLOT statement tell the co mputer to do? 2. Plot a point in co lumn 12 , row Hi of graphics mod e 4 . 3. Novv draw a li n e from that poi nt to co lumn 1 2, row 30. 4. Which graphi cs mod e provides the largest number of positions for plotting points?

You will also learn an easy way to make the computer playa melody with READ and DATA statements. Let's start with a graphics program using some of the things you learned in the last chapter: 1 REM *** SOUND AND COLOR 10 GRAPHICS 3 20 COLOR 1 30 PLOT 10,10 when you ENTER this correctly and RUN it, the machine plots a point in column 10, row 10. _ - - - - -_ .. _- . - . - To add a SOUND statement , press SYSTEM RESET , th en LIST the program . Novv add: 200 210 REM ** VOICE 0 PLAYS MIDDLE C SOUND 0 , 121 , 10,10 When you RUN the program , you don 't hear the voice!

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