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By Albert Uderzo

ISBN-10: 0752846582

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Set in 50 B.C., those hysterical old stories stick to the adventures of Asterix and his associates within the days of the Roman Empire. generally, he’s occupied with keeping his city from the legionnaires (with assistance from a magic potion), yet right here whatever else is on his brain: his shock party! in the meantime, outdated neighbors are approximately to show up again...and they’re as much as anything attention-grabbing. “Great for prime high-school scholars into dialogue of heritage and literary devices.”—Booklist

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Bordering the walk on either side are ground cover plants, flowers too. Behind them is arrayed taller flora, while in the central portion’s middle part, and around the verges of the outer part of the walk, grow big shrubs and trees. There are no monsters intent on devouring you, no wild savages rushing to attack, just a lovely, garden-like setting with floral scents of pleasing sort, and a fine golden light. Odd... The sky looks a flat blue, and you see no sun. Typical trick of the various dimensions you’ve visited, right?

He is a deity of elemental water and space, a manipulator of probability, and a consumer of the bodies and souls of humans. He is the Patron of those seeking power for malign ends. Dhu-kalkhru is served in his own dimensions principally by those creatures known as brain eaters. His symbol is a 13-tentacled monster of black on a gold field. Greater Deity (ranking 17 out of a 1-20 scale) Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Cleric Domains: Evil, Water, Luck, Travel. Dhu-kalkhru: A 3rd Rank Monster Deity. These worshippers of evil believe that the party is sent by Dhu-kalkhru to free their master, Prince Chalakra, a priest of the deity (See Appendix B: New Monsters, page 248).

Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a club-like weapon. Add 2 ranks to your Spot skill. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a hammer-like weapon. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a knife-like weapon. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a mace-like weapon. • • • • Add 2 ranks to your Knowledge (arcana) skill. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a pick-like weapon. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a staff-like weapon. Gain the Weapon Focus feat with a spear-like weapon. Each will bestow to one different individual one Knack of his choice, possibly specially created ones created for this purpose by the GM.

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