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6). Solution on page 79 A classical physicist of the nineteenth century could have said, therefore, that the thermodynamic measurement of the curves of adiabatic expansion will provide him with γ, and hence r — which is the answer to the question: What is the number of the fundamental building blocks in familiar molecules? On the other hand, a contemporary physicist would state that r must be huge, as atoms are made up of a large number of electrons, protons and neutrons, and the latter are themselves made up of quarks and antiquarks, and maybe even the latter are not fundamental.

Beyond the damping effect of the collisions with the molecules, these fast momentum exchanges contribute a sort of random force, Fe , that acts on the body in the absence of any external force. 7) r · Fe = 0 . 8) as well as Compare this with the discussion in Sec. 3. 4 shows a series of graphs that describes the behavior with time of a random force. The series can be read as an ensemble of different systems, or as different time intervals in the behavior of the same system along the time axis. The effect of a random force acting on one system can be substituted by random forces acting on many systems.

27), and obtain a differential equation for n(z). 29) and its solution n(z) = n(0) exp − mgz kT . 30) Check that this is in fact the solution to the equation. n(0) is the value of the density at the point z = 0. 31) so that in a container in which N is constant, the density at its bottom is determined by n(0) = N mg mgh 1 − exp − AkT kT −1 . 30) states that the density of molecules decreases with height; however, the extent of variation depends on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the less significant are the variations in height (see Fig.

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