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By Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit Amazon's James Wyatt Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, James Wyatt,

ISBN-10: 078692649X

ISBN-13: 9780786926497

Heroes must be ready for something, this means that having the fitting guns and equipment available consistently. The well-stocked pages of this e-book carry a magnificent stock of item to get you into and out of all demeanour of difficulty, including:A caravanload of apparatus, alternate items, alchemical goods, poisons, mounts, and autos. Over 230 magic guns and armors, comparable to the flameshroud awl, lance of the never-ending cost, and vampire hunter armor. Over a hundred twenty five magic goods, together with new artifacts, corresponding to elixir armor, earrings of the hive brain, the ghost rod, and the bag of unending caltrops. ideas for car wrestle on land, sea, and air. inside those pages, gamers and Dungeon Masters will locate what they should outfit their characters for almost each contingency.To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s instruction manual and the Dungeon Master’s advisor. A participant wishes merely the Player’s guide.

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It is particularly handy for knife-throwers with the Quick Draw feat. Jewelry and Accessories 30 The prices on Table 2–3 are for plain and basic jewelry with no gemstones. Prices for fancier items are considerably higher, depending on the level of detail and skill of the crafter. Table 2–3: Jewelry and Accessories Item Broad belt Armband Bracelet Brooch Earrings Fillet Headband Locket Necklace Pendant Ring Torc Copper — 15 cp+ 1 sp+ 45 cp+ 2 sp+ 6 sp+ 4 sp+ 25 cp+ 5 sp+ 45 cp+ 3 cp+ 5 sp+ Silver 6 sp+ 15 sp+ 2 gp+ 45 sp+ 2 gp+ 6 gp+ 4 gp+ 25 sp+ 5 gp+ 45 sp+ 3 gp+ 5 gp+ Gold 6 gp+ 15 gp+ 20 gp+ 45 gp+ 20 gp+ 60 gp+ 40 gp+ 25 gp+ 50 gp+ 45 gp+ 30 gp+ 50 gp+ Platinum 60 gp+ 150 gp+ 200 gp+ 450 gp+ 200 gp+ 600 gp+ 400 gp+ 250 gp+ 500 gp+ 450 gp+ 300 gp+ 500 gp+ Food and Drink The prices on Table 2–4 are the average for food items found in temperate farmlands.

This assumes that the character is trying to avoid getting intoxicated. The first drink in an hour imposes no penalty on the Fortitude save. The second drink consumed within the same hour imposes a –1 penalty, the third –2, the fourth –4, and so on. Obviously, a person can space the time between drinks to reduce the chance of getting drunk. A character who fails a save takes 1d2 points of temporary ability damage to both Wisdom and Dexterity. A character who reaches 0 Wisdom passes out unconscious.

Alforna: Fatigue caused by the secondary effects of alforna is treated normally. Gray Whinnis: Paralysis caused by the secondary effect of gray whinnis lasts for 1d6 × 10 minutes. Lockjaw: Characters affected by lockjaw can’t speak or use spells with somatic components. Scorcher Fumes: Creatures affected by scorcher fumes lose the scent ability, if they had it, for 1d6 × 10 minutes. Thever Fumes: The blindness caused by thever fumes is permanent unless removed by cure blindness or similar magic.

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Arms and Equipment Guide (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying Accessory) by Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick, Rich Redman, Visit Amazon's James Wyatt Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, James Wyatt,

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