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By Philip Athans

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Ryld Argith, guns grasp of Melee-Magthere, has educated for any eventuality and has came upon himself at the least the equivalent of any foe he's but encountered. yet with the Spider Queen nonetheless not able or unwilling to recognize her fans, and with drow society perched on an ever weaker aspect over an ever deeper chasm, Ryld will locate himself interested in a girl who's in flip attracted to a goddess. And that goddess isn't Lolth. while his personal middle turns opposed to him, will he be guy sufficient to stick with it, or drow sufficient to survive?" For the others, a trip throughout the unforgiving expanse of the never-ending Abyss awaits. on the finish of that trip they desire to discover Lolth herself. even though they've controlled to outlive the autumn of Ched Nasad, the demon-haunted ruins of fable Drannor, and the vicious crafty of aboleth slave-masters, the Underdark is child's play in comparison to the chaotic infinity of the Demonweb Pits. They'll move there to discover the reality, yet might locate in simple terms Annihilation. The battle of the Spider Queen comes domestic.

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The sounds of battle might attract the curious, or those who just enjoy a good bar fight. ) Kitchen Pots are on the boil and meals are roasting in ovens for the tavern’s patrons. Haunches of fresh wild game hang from the ceiling. Improvised Weapons: The kitchen contains many items that are suitable as improvised weapons. Assorted cutting utensils deal 1d4 points of piercing or slashing damage, and tankards or pots deal 1d4 points of bludgeoning damage. In a pinch, a haunch of meat can serve as a club that deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage.

Fails. Cost: 13,500 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Bow Eyes of Shadow (Sp): Beginning at 6th level, once of the Black Archer). per day on command, you can use darkvision as the spell. Caster level 5th. Legacy of Salariel: Alone, you must kill a spiderlike demon (such as a bebilith or retriever) and a cleric Longstrider (Sp): At 8th level and higher, three times per day on command, you can use longstrider of Lolth. The demon must have a Challenge Rating of 10 or higher, while the cleric must be 10th level as the spell.

Pathbreaker (Su): Beginning at 7th level, once per Mourning Service: You are required to pay day when Bloodcrier’s Hammer is struck against a lock, homage at the grave of Bhazad Khrar, which is lost lid, door, valve, portal, normal bars, shackles, chains, in the center of a sighing waste. Cost: 12,500 gp. Feat bolts, and so on, a mournful tone rings forth. The Granted: Lesser Legacy (Bloodcrier’s Hammer). struck item opens 1 round later. Bloodcrier’s Hammer Judgment of the Scablands: You have to spend also automatically dispels a hold portal spell or even three days in the extreme heat of the desert scablands an arcane lock with a caster level lower than 15th.

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