Gary Gygax's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Monster Manual II PDF

By Gary Gygax

ISBN-10: 0880380314

ISBN-13: 9780880380317

An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, targeted skills, descriptiosn and random come upon tables.

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An alphabetical directory of monsters present in complex Dungeons & Dragons adventures, together with assaults, harm, distinctive talents, descriptiosn and random stumble upon tables.

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P. VALUE: X/45,000 (for material form only) Baphomet is lord of minotaurs. His form is like that of a huge bullheaded ogre. He is hated particularly by Yeenoghu, and the two are warring against each other. In battle, Baphometfirst attacks by butting and biting and finally uses his huge bardiche for 11-20 (3d4+8) points of damage. Owners of armor, shields, and other items struck by the instrument must make a saving throwvs. a crushing blow or the items are ruined. Baphomet is 75% likelyto have 2-5 minotaurswith him, and he isable to summon 5-8 additional ones, possibly in a single round, although he may do so but once per day.

Green, orange. purple, or red. Transformation requires 1 round. Normal weapons have full effect upon this type of demon. P. VALUE: VW1275 + l o hp Baron: V111/4409 +15 hp Marquis: IX/6500 +20 hp "Roll l d 4 : 1 = 17, 2 = 18, 3 = 18/10%, 4 = 18/20%, exceptional strength rolls over 18/00 equal 19. ** Roll l d 1 2 and multiply the resulting number by 1 0 to find additional base for exceptional strength (10% to 120%); then roll percentile dice: 101%-199% = 19 strength, 200%-220% = 2 0 strength. , 1-6 negative points.

Only+3 or better magic weapons will harm a shator. Because of its overlapping hide, edged weapons are at -1 in hitting and damaging a monster of this sort. (Such edged weapons include long, broad, bastard, and 2-handed swords. ) Acid or poison has no effect on a shator. Cold or fire cause only half normal damage. Fear magic or illusion magic (illusion and/or phantasm) are powerless against a shator. Shator have excellent auditory and olfactory senses, and, when they use these along with their normal visual capabilities (including infra- and ultra-), they can be surprised only 1O%of the time.

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