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By Padma Venkatraman

ISBN-10: 0698158261

ISBN-13: 9780698158269

Padma Venkatraman’s inspiring tale of a tender girl’s fight to regain her ardour and discover a new peace is instructed lyrically via verse that captures the sweetness and secret of India and the traditional bharatanatyam dance shape. this can be a gorgeous novel approximately non secular awakening, the ability of paintings, and specifically, the braveness and resilience of the human spirit.

Veda, a classical dance prodigy in India, lives and breathes dance—so whilst an coincidence leaves her a below-knee amputee, her goals are shattered. for a woman who’s grown used to receiving applause for her dance prowess and suppleness, adjusting to a prosthetic leg is painful and humbling. yet Veda refuses to allow her incapacity rob her of her desires, and she or he starts off yet again, taking newbie sessions with the youngest dancers. Then Veda meets Govinda, a tender guy who ways dance as a non secular pursuit. As their courting deepens, Veda reconnects with the realm round her, and starts off to find who she is and what dance really potential to her.

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