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By Muller I.

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Offers the heritage of thermodynamics. This e-book describes the lengthy improvement of thermodynamics. It identifies the recognized physicists who constructed the sphere, and likewise engineers and scientists from different disciplines who helped within the improvement and unfold of thermodynamics.

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In a typical nuclear fission event such as occurs when the Uranium 235 isotope (meaning the isotope of Uranium that has an atomic mass of 235 units, the hydrogen nucleus having a mass of 1) is split (for instance when hit by a neutron), the energy released is of the order of tens of MeV (1 MeV is one million eV). The energy is released in the form of kinetic energy of the reaction products which are emitted with a high velocity. 1). It will be appreciated that the energy obtained from a fission event is about 10 million times larger than in a chemical reaction.

Carbon storage in carbonates on the billion year time scale Rocks are broken down by a number of processes, physical (like the freezing of water held in fractures which breaks down the rock by its volume expansion: we all know that ice floats on water which demonstrates that it contain less molecules than water in a given volume), chemical and biological (lichens and mosses form on rocks, bring in moisture; plant roots can penetrate concrete and break it down). The breaking down of rocks is globally called weathering.

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