New PDF release: A Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon for the Language of Color

By Ian Patterson

ISBN-10: 1854183753

ISBN-13: 9781854183750

This dictionary is the 1st of its style: a treasury of colour phrases and words, a finished source for exploring each point of colour and it many functions around the disciplines and during the ages.

Words are drawn from many various worlds together with paintings, artists, craft and layout, portray, printing and sculpture, the ornamental arts, gemstones, style, textiles, cosmetics, physics, maths, astronomy, chemistry, dyes, colorants, paints, biology, geography, geology, minerals, heritage, paintings historical past, social historical past, faith, philosophy, heraldry, mythology and symbolism, languarge, linguistrics, grammar, slang, literature [inc. the Bible and Shakespeare], track, theatre, images, tv and picture, psychology and human habit, schooling, politics, trade, economics, finance, legislations, shuttle, warfare, imaginative and prescient and color-blindness, drugs, medicines and colour remedy, foods and drinks, colour conception and plenty of others.

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Writers, newshounds, copywriters, photograph, cloth and type designers, artists and illustrators, artwork scholars, artwork critics, decorators, architects, set designers, colorists and dye-makers, colour scientists, product designers, product originators and sellers, brands of paints and wall-papers, language lovers, word-lovers and dictionary creditors, common libraries and educational libraries in terms of the above disciplines.

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C antique ivory The yellowish white colour of old ivory. c Antique White A yellowish white colour adopted as a colour name by Web page creators on the Internet with hex code #FAEBD7. See X11 Color Set. c Antwerp blue A greenish blue variety of Prussian blue; also Antwerp brown and Antwerp red. a apatetic Camouflaged; in zoology, having colours similar to those of a different species. See cryptic colouring. n apheliotropism The phenomenon as regards plants of bending away from the light. See heliotropism.

See pigment. n artificial daylight or light Light produced by man. c æruca A brilliant green made from acetate of copper. n ærugo Verdigris. Similar to æruca, but derived from carbonate of copper. c arylide yellow A light yellow mentioned in Louis de Berniere’s Captain Corellis Mandolin (also known as Hansa yellow and cadmium yellow). Arylide is an aromatic compound. Also diarylide yellow and azo. n ASCII Purple adjective a adverb adv a colour c noun n prefix pr suffix su verb vb The new supercomputer to be built by IBM capable of carrying out 100 thousand billion calculations each second.

A widow was to mourn for two and a half years wearing bombasine black for the first year and a day with heavy black crepe; she could wear less crepe in the next 9 months; black silk and jet jewellery in the next 3 months and grey or mauve in the last 6 months of mourning. See black tie. n blackboard A slate or board used in schools for writing on with chalks. n blackboard jungle A school of ill-disciplined pupils. n black boding Portending bad news. n adjective a adverb adv a colour c noun n prefix pr suffix su verb vb black box The flight recorder used in all commercial aircraft to record instrument readings and flight crew conversations in order to assist the investigation of crashes.

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